letter from a writer’s desk

hi there!

yesterday was the 12th of june, exactly one month after publishing the poetry collection, here i am. it has been a fun ride, you all were so supportive with the book launch. i kept having second thoughts that if publishing that book was a mistake… turns out it wasn’t, i have clearer idea of where i am going with this. my love for writing lines and stanzas has been multiplied. yes it is still here. i’m learning a musical instrument next month, i have great plans. i have a lot to tell you, a lot to talk with you. i haven’t heard from a lot of people about the book, a few said it was nice, a few said it’s so cool that they have favorite lines and poems from it.

so that’s how it has been going, i felt like i should have written a letter to you, and here i am. life is pretty weird, uncertain yet hopeful. well i have plans, i have a lot of stuff that i am putting my heart and soul into. i am also studying for an entrance exam, i’m applying for a college in my city, pune. i think there’s a lot more time i need to spend here… you all are here. i have few big plans for the next four years, no i haven’t been planning my life since i turned 18 ~loli just feel that it is college, next four years, i need to move, grow, progress and achieve all those dreams and goals i’ve set this summer.

so yeah! thanks for being around! it’s fun… i have to go, plan some stuff for coming months, get my goals checklist done for coming few months and most importantly WRITE! yes there’s some stuff in works! i’m sure you’ll totally totally love it… not so long until you’ll see that but there’s something more i gotta show you first… i’ll talk to you soon..

until then, goodbye, much love. siddhesh.

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