Hey there!
I’m feeling the best feeling in the world presenting you the spoken word version of the poem ‘Feelings’ from my poetry collection, ‘NOT BE HIDDEN’.
It was a invigorating experience to have the poem convert back to it’s original form- an audio form. That is because I do write poetry in my phone or laptop in little voice-notes. And there’s always an extra element to the spoken word, the emotion and speech. So yeah! This is cool. And as you can tell, my first time doing it online… I’d read poems out loud in my room but when you speak in a microphone you point out all those small errors you make, so that was a challenge and to learn the process and methods of making a track with vocal element and musical one was quite an interesting one.

So I locked myself in my room in the past week and recorded this poem just casually sitting in a corner and then editing it to a track, then to a audio for the web and here you have it! I didn’t care what I sound like or what things look like but I only wanted to put those strong mutes and flows at right parts of the recital. And this take felt good… Go easy on me geeks.
Here you go, give this poem a listen, share it with your people (so that it doesn’t freeze at a 5 views haha) and then let’s all get back to life, sit through the feelings & emotions, and get through life:

Actually you know what I’m gonna quickly go & put it on SoundCloud, here you go:

I’ll write to you soon, until then, good byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Siddhesh x