(A Spoken Word Album)

Greetings from one to another sweet human!

I’m beyond happy to tell you about the NOT BE HIDDEN spoken word album. It is a 6 piece companion piece to the NOT BE HIDDEN poetry collection. Since the very beginning that I’ve thought of writing poetry, there’s always been a superior place spoken word has reserved in my heart. It has the emotional and vulnerable extra element added to the words that sit there on the paper.
And since I always wanted to do this, after writing to you the last letter (blogpost), I reached out in the attic to my microphone, covered in dust of uncertainties of the past, unclipped the draft of the book again- laying in dust and deep corners of my shelves and started opening it up a little. I realised how these six poems tell a little bit and yet a little too much about me, my past, my future, my present. So it was a must to get these through the mic, through the heart, from mine to yours. I had and still have, no experience or fluency with audio engineering or editing but I did the best to convey feelings that’d bury deep in my heart if it was not for you- the readers and the divine art of writing and poetry. The words were spoken with absolute honesty and thought. So I put together a few piano pieces, sounds nature made me capture in my phone and the words I had written together to make 6 tracks for the compilation.

Here you go, I hope you occasionally stumble across these poems and look for earphones to grab and admire the emotions & small pieces of noises hidden among the words spoken by a small little boy lost in a dreamy world, yet actively striving to get real tough… Ladies and gentlemen, the curtains are lifted- let the voices be heard and thoughts be provoked, and the hearts search to NOT BE HIDDEN.


If YouTube’s not your thing, SoundCloud might be:

Happy listening!