Hey! I am Siddhesh, writing is something I am absolutely fond of. I mostly like writing lines and stanzas that have cool rhythm, that’s how I started planning my first poetry collection… I so love to put my feelings feelings, emotions and thoughts into words and craft stories, poems or simply into prose. I am currently writing my next book and meanwhile I want you to read my currently published one.

I’ve heard cool stuff about my book from my friends and from amazing people online. I of course have linked my social media profiles down below but you know something that is a more direct way of conversation? E-mail! I don’t know what but there’s something that gets me really really REALLY excited with emails… And that is why I made a newsletter. It’s real fun to talk to everyone via newsletter, where I can totally ramble down everything I’d like to tell you like I do in my journal. So yea, you can sign up for the newsletter and we can talk and talk and talkkkkkkk… I’ll personally write you notes about offers for the books and everything! Don’t worry I hate spamming too…

Also while you’re around here you can check out a few planners I used to make when I was 15/16, they’re undated and quite cool… If you wanna check it out, click here.

And yeah! Thanks for reading and checking out my website! I hope to talk to you soon! Lots of love to you cutieđź’›

Sid x