Siddhesh- Planners

Hi there! I’m Siddhesh. So here are the planner templates, I promised I’d re-upload. I made these when I was 16- when life was good and things were just starting to flare up. You’d remember these from 2020 uploads if you’ve been following me/my blog since a long time. So I called Vaibhavi one morning in the very early 2020s (doesn’t that seem ten years ago but also just last month?! Ikr.) and we vibed, connected more over love for stationery and started making weekly planners. The very next second that day I found myself spending long hours on InDesign, making stationery ~lol. I myself got done a bunch of other planners too- daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Even though this isn’t a big stationery piece, these secure cute lovely place deep down in a little corner of my heart. I know these mark the beginning, of something big maybe? Idk. Download these and try ’em now that you’re here.

There’s a sample image I’ve placed next to every design and you can download these for your personal/commercial/etc. use in your preferred shades! Wishing you many productive days with these planners filled with various important plans of your day lying around near your workspace. Have fun, thanks for visiting.


download in your favorite color:

P.S.: only monochrome b&w daily planner template available in the shown design, other templates available in different designs. click here to see a sample.


download in your favorite color: